The title of my calendar is THE JOY OF THE SERIF, a calendar celebrating thirteen notable serif typefaces in the design world. Each month has a small paragraph describing the typeface's history and briefly describing its unique parts.

This idea came to me because I was looking back at my most recent projects and realized that I have been using nothing but serif typefaces for a while. I think they are extremely classic and beautiful, and there are so many different little nuances between each typeface that I felt the need to explore more with and highlight to others that may not see them either.

This calendar will be bound at the top and packaged in an easel kind of way, so it could sit on someone's desk and one could flip back and forth between the months as needed while learning more about the history of (serif) type. I also wanted to showcase the ampersand in each typeface because I feel like that is the most beautiful character in many typefaces.

THERE IS NO COLOR YET... I haven't even begun exploring that aspect, but I wanted to post the layout of a couple that I am fond of at this point in time.

I like where this is going but I know I have a long way to go before it is a finished product.

EDIT: After seeing these cropped the way they would be printed (ie- serifs getting cut off at the edges), i decided that i absolutely hate it with a passion....especially since I am cutting off the very thing this calendar is celebrating. So I will fix it (ie-make it smaller and not hang off the edge) and update the progress.

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