this is what my ads looked like mounted on my board, before critique suggestions:
(click to see full size)

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  1. I like the idea of illustration interacting with reality. My critique is the placement of the real objects in the ads, because the illusion is lost rather than spot on.

    I feel that the objects are just floating in the air rather than having a solid grounding with the illustrations. Don't worry, you can fix that, just move them around some more just so that it could be more believable. The clock, for instance, could move up a little bit. You might have to down size it a pinch, but it'll be worth once you see the results.

    For the tea set, move it to the left a little more, move up, and down size if it needs to (seeing you want it to look like it's sitting on the table).

    The pillow is actually the stronger image compared to the other two...I believe the illusion a little more...but I think it could be pushed to the point where I am totally sold. If you are able to, you might want to retake the picture for the pillow in a different position, more angled in the corner (if you want me to draw what I'm talking about, I'll be happy to, just let me know).

    If you're not able to take the picture of the pillow, you could move it to the right a little more, and rotate the pillow a little bit. :)

    Keep on working Sarah! :)