initial thoughts for specialty item

For my specialty item, i am creating an herb growing kit that urban cottage can sell. the brand will be called "urban herbs / by urban cottage" and will include a set of three different herbs, the types of which have not been finalized yet. depending on how i treat the type, i may end up with cilantro, mint and basil, simply because there are no descenders in the names and would be easier to work with as a set. however, a part of me wants to use sage, rosemary and thyme just because there is a song about them. not relevant. i digress...

anyways, the kit would include a small 4 panel brochure (about 3" by 2.5") explaining the care and maintenance of that specific herb, a small tag for the plant once it is in a pot, and a seed packet containing all the seeds necessary to grow the herb.

essentially, the idea of the kit is to show that you can have an herb garden anywhere, even if you live in a 400 sq.ft studio apartment 20 stories from the ground. urban herbs can be grown anywhere, as long as you give them a little sun and a little attention. :)

here's a screen shot of the front of the brochure for now, which is still at a very beginning stage. it will mimic the sticker on the front of the kit pretty similarly once it is finished:

these are the three colors of green that will represent each herb that i choose:

and this is my general color scheme. the light tan isn't quite what it will look like printed, as i am printing on that tan-ish colored recycled paper that i used for my stationery.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLU1nN-0tuc

    do something like this but put your own twist on it. would be perfect.

  2. dude that's awesome! thanks for the link.