After deciding that I wanted to open up the lowercase 'g' in the word 'cottage,' it was just a matter of drawing enough of them to find a composition within it that felt balanced and aesthetically successful to the eye. though there are plenty in the sketches above that don't meet those qualifications and are actually quite horrifying, there were a few that had potential. As I was drawing them, they began to not look like g's at all, and sort of became little abstract peacocks which was kind of distracting to my eye, but i'll keep it in mind regardless. Of all of them, I felt like the g furthest to the bottom of the page had the most balance and thus became the 'g' i ended up working with. After thickening parts of it and doing a quick (and i mean quick) vector rendering, this is what I came up with:

The lower tail and other random places could probably still use a little bit of refining, but you get the idea. thoughts?

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