a quick logo and possible color schemes

Just so you can see the 'g' as it would sit with the rest of the words. This entire text formatting is still very much under construction, and the line is placed, if for no other reason, than for a sense of balance.

and color schemes that will show up differently on your computer:

I chose these colors because they are comfortable and relaxing, but still retain a sense of classy, boutique-like style that the urban cottage could fit nicely into.

while perusing a fabric store, I found a couple of beautiful fabrics and textures that I think I can work with when the time comes for stationery, ads, and specialty items. Here are a couple preliminary scans of them:


  1. think about flourishes or embellishments. you could make this look really chic and classy at the same time. think sexy haha!

  2. What I'm liking about this logo right now is how you arranged the different families for the words. Lettin' urban be bold was an awesome decision, has a pow to it every time you say it in a sentence...and it'll sure show with this client. And the "g" is gorgeous! :)

    Keep it up Sarah! :)