rebranding ideas

Though located in different places around atlanta, both Wired & Fired and All Fired Up are pottery painting shops where a customer buys an unglazed pottery piece and paints it to their liking. Though it is a popular place to bring children to have parties and make memories with kids, it is also a fun creative outlet for the artistic types. All Fired Up seems to need the most work, simply because it is using Comic Sans as its typeface...but I don't feel like Wired & Fired is all that great either.

This is a very cute little shop in the Virginia Highlands area that has an amazing atmosphere when you walk in. I feel like the logo and overall branding could be more unified, however, and possibly given a more delicate and boutique-like feel without losing its structure.

Rumi's Kitchen is a Persian restaurant in the Sandy Springs area. Not sure what is going on with these colors but it's really quite hideous. I don't need to say much more.

Lastly, Helmet hair salon in midtown's logo is just kind of...there. I feel like this all-type treatment works okay on their website, but i have a hard time picturing it on a business card or something similar. I feel like more could be done to it, especially considering this is an upscale and trendy hair salon located in one of the most artistic places in atlanta.

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  1. i think wired and fired would be fun, i love that place and you could def be super creative with it.