urban cottage

A conglomeration of research after exploring Urban Cottage today.


After visiting the store today, I did notice a logo design that they do carry throughout the store's interior. However, I don't think it fits them very well. Something about it feels too harsh. I think it's the pointy typeface they use. I will upload pictures and scan in a business card as soon as I get a chance.
I am also confused because the Urban Cottage website looks nothing like the store's logo or theme they seem to have going on in person. The look of everything in the store is black and white, yet the website seems to have a lot of delicate patterns and colors that seem to fit them better. I think I can successfully create a logo that balances the two out nicely.

Potential competition:
I see anthropologie in the same market as urban cottage simply because of the homey-ness and serene atmosphere that both of these stores hold. There is something extra about their home furnishings that feels artistic and delicate that something like Bed Bath and Beyond wouldn't have.

So This doesn't seem too bad at first glance. The typeface used in this identity is nice and refined. It seems to have a delicate and feminine feel about it. But the more that I look at it, the more I find squares. Black and white squares just layered on top of each other with no real flow or focus. It kind of drives me insane. And this needs to change.

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  1. urban cottage is such a great name! so many ideas to work with. do this one!!