Creative Brief - Wine Bottle

Folie á Deux Winery

Redesign logo, bottle design, and package presentation

The Folie á Deux wine bottle as it is now is extremely plain for no reason. There is simply a line of type for the logo, a small icon below, and the type of wine listed at the bottom. The plain cream-colored label does not allow this wine to showcase itself on a shelf full of other brightly colored, intricately designed wine bottles.

For my redesign, I plan to take the literal meaning of Folie á Deux, which is “a madness shared between two people,” and twist the color scheme and focus of the label to a slightly darker and sideways place. I would like the information and graphics to be placed on the bottle via transfer, and areas of the glass will be frosted over for a different look and texture. For the packaging itself, I will further push the idea of having something shared between two people by packaging two half-sized bottles together and allowing the
graphics to flow back and forth between the two bottles as they sit beside one another. With this idea, not only do the bottles share the illustrations, but the consumers share the wine by having their own unique bottle out of the same gift package.

Visual Themes:
I plan on using bolder colors for this redesign, dipping into brighter and darker reds, greens, and purples. Lines will be not quite straight to feel a little mad, and where soft, organic lines may once have been, they will be replaced with pointy edges and off-centered focuses. The surface of the wine bottle will be a place in the mind where you go when you are mad, and maybe even slightly drunk from the tannens of red wine.

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