Personal Workspace

This is my desk. There is no space for my computer because my printers take up all of the countertop and there are layers of nonsense on top of them.

This is my bookshelf. There are design books on the second row up.

This is my drawing table that I have since deemed as my cutting table. There are always scraps on the table from the last time I mounted a board, and there is always at least one of my cats in that window. I happened to catch my two kitties in the window at the same time, which is rare, since they hate each other.

And this is my dining room table. It is rarely used to actually eat on, since I am barely at home between work and school. Instead, it is my catch-all surface for bags, keys, school stuff, art products, and other random things. I usually have a vase with flowers on it, but on this day, my cats knocked over the vase and got water everywhere, so I had to move it to my kitchen. When I have a lot of projects to work on, I plug my laptop into the wall behind my chair and sit for hours working on the computer here. Sometimes I have a kitty in my lap, and when she gets tired of that, she will move to sit on my keyboard.

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