wine bottle in progress?

I'm not necessarily happy with this yet. In fact, the top photo is a menagerie of different thoughts coming together on one bottle so I am aware of the lack of flow.

Until I figure out my logo (sigh), I can't really decide which box shape I would like to go with.

1. My wine brand is Folie a Deux, which means, "madness shared between two people," or "shared fantasies."
2. I want to take these meanings and create a feeling of loopy, drunk madness on my wine bottle.
3. There are going to be two 375mL bottles in my packaging, to represent the shared madness.
4. I am using a black board for my box with a brushed silver inner color, and using deep crimson and dark plum purple as my splashes of color. These colors represent not only the colors of red wine, but also give the feeling of dark, seductive elegance (mixed with slightly off type, I feel like I may be hitting the mark that I want.)
5. The madness that I am trying to achieve is not an insanity madness (ie- Ransom type) but more like Alice in Wonderland mad.

This is my bottle:

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