Aura Board (Print&ed)

For my magazine Poets and Writers, I plan to bring more creativity into the masthead and incorporate more imaginative visuals on the cover and spreads. Dynamic grid systems can be used to keep excitement about the contents for readers. I feel as though poetry and writing is built so much on creativity, and this magazine could just as easily be a science or travel magazine based on the standard type and photography used. Though it has relatively good structure on the cover and inside the magazine, I feel there is a lot of room for creative growth and more can be done to broaden the range of readers that the magazine currently has.

I plan on using some pencil drawn imagery for the masthead to charge the magazine with the bare and true feeling of writing. I want the entire magazine to be an inspiration piece for writers and poets alike. Not only will there be book reviews, but there will be articles on possibly bettering writing skills or getting one's manuscript published, and the imagery used for each article will exude imaginative processes from the brain to the pen to the paper.

As a writer, this magazine in its current state would not hold my interest for long. I plan to make it something that is not only visually appealing, but I prefer to have its content be something relative to a young writer's interest.

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