Blog #4 (GRD 4020)

There are quite a few artists that really inspire me to push my work further. Though I believe that if I spent enough time and energy in any project, I could be just as good, but most of the time these artists just make me feel inadequate.

I think that MC Escher's intense shading and obvious prior planning in his visual puzzles are astounding. I would love to see his work in person to be able to see the actual marks in his works. His attention to every detail in this piece is inspiring to me as an artist.

brandon boyd, while also being one of my favorite lyricist, is also an amazing illustrator. I love how all of his line drawings feel like they started out as doodles and it inspires me to pick up my sketchbook and doodle more often.

Lastly, the wood paintings and drawings of Audrey Kawasaki have kept my attention for many years. I love how her painting style feels so wispy and delicate, yet her subject matter is usually devious and is painted on such a hard surface. Her coloring is absolutely beautiful, and it serves as a reminder that not all art has to be on a piece of paper or a canvas.

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