Bag Lunch Blues

This is incredibly low-res, but you can get the idea of what's going on anyway.

Short film expressing one of the seven deadly sins, mine of which was envy.



  1. cute
    I like the details that you paid attention to.

  2. oh my god! i could just slap myself! well done. you go girl!

  3. So I was able to see it with the music this time: It helps the animation, but still the emotion and grab of the story is still strong. Even without watching it with the music. :) That twist at the end really does make the difference, and providing a wonderful lesson. Very very nice!

    And the only critique i have is the pacing of the beginning with the type. Still too fast to grab, and maybe the zoom in for the first scene didn't need to be that quick.

    Other than that, very awesome job Sarah! :)

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  5. I absolutely love this. Yes, I did have some tears! Very creative and insightful - I can see you in it. Not only is the message wonderful - but it gently sneaks up :)